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Lessons learned with Visual Studio, C89 and the preprocessor

Another two weeks of GSoC are done. Many lessons learned, many problems hit, most of them solved.

Overview The first three days I spent with getting the original setup for building CPython 2.7 on Windows in line.

After that I concentrated on aligning this with JyNI's usual build process.
It quickly turned out that already JyNI's DemoExtension was not C89 compliant. After fixing this, I got the demo extension working on original CPython 2.7, which asserts that the ABI is correct.

With this in line, I focused on JyNI itself and checked for an automatic C99 to C89 approach. It turned out that this approach wouldn't be workable without additional efforts, so I started to manually convert the JyNI codebase to C89.

During this work I suffered from frequent mouse freezes on Windows 10. While these always occurred during working with Eclipse I cannot tell whether it was Eclipse related. Also for other reasons I preferred to return to my Linux environment and checked for ways to ac…

The first two weeks of GSoC, or: Proud to release JyNI 2.7-alpha.4, featuring NumPy support.

So, the first two weeks of GSoC are over now and I used the time to finalize JyNI 2.7-alpha.4 release. The project achieved an initial NumPy support in late 2016, but that milestone was not releasable until now, because it requires Jython 2.7.1, which suffered an unfortunate delay due to several release-blocking issues.
Recently, Jython 2.7.1RC2 was released, which I regarded as sufficient base for a new JyNI release. Even more important, fixing up loose ends for a release was the ideal work to get back into project detail after more than half a year.
First Week Working on the release, I soon recognized some memory flaws on a 32 bit system, which I could luckily solve as of da5fc5c (debugging this stuff on my old 32 bit desktop machine is a pain).
In earlier work on JyNI I had added some control for how specific extensions perceive platform detection via and sys.platform on Jython using techniques one might call "Python black magic" (see follow up report of JyNI GSoC…